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Android 10 BETA Mate 20 Pro

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Android 10 beta build for Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Google has announced that Huawei Mate 20 Pro will be one of the 15 non-Pixel phones to receive the third Android Q beta with dark mode and revamped gestures. You can apply for the Android Q beta project through the official EMUI beta app:

PLEASE NOTE: Only app developers who have published apps in the Play Store will be accepted into the beta project, because this is a very early build with many bugs. Supported countries for registration are Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Serbia and Ukraine. You will not be able to enter the beta project if you have carrier customized firmware or lack a Huawei ID. Your Huawei ID email must be the Gmail address you use as your Play Store developer account.

The beta program lasts until June 30th and a new beta build will be published every Tuesday and Thursday. The first beta build will be published on May 11th. Read Huawei's official announcement post regarding rules and details here:


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