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Apogee Quartet - Firmware and Software Update for iOS devices

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Learn more about Apogee Quartet: http://www.apogeedigital.com/products/quartet

In this tutorial we will walk you through updating the firmware and software for Quartet. This update must be done if you plan to connect Quartet to iPad, iPhone, or iPad touch.

Make sure Quartet's power supply is connected and plugged in
Connect Quartet to Mac using the provided USB cable
Turn Down or disconnect Quartet speakers and headphones.

Go to Apogeedigital.com and click on the support tab.
Under "current products" click on "Quartet"
Under "Software" click on "Quartet Software Installer"
In your "Downloads" folder, you will find the Quartet installer.
Double click on it to open

Once open, you will see
-the release notes
-Quartet Firmware Updater
-Quartet Software Installer
-and Quartet Uninstaller
You will first run the Quartet Firmware updater by double clicking on it.
Quit any applications you may have open.
Click "OK"
If no firmware update is required, "All Firmware Up to Date" is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the app window - Now just click Quit as your Quartet already has the latest version of firmware.

If you have an older version as shown here, click on the update button.

If you see this message about the firmware not matching software, just click on OK as we will be updating the software next.
When the update is finished, you will see this message.
If this is your only Quartet, click quit.

You are now ready to move onto the software installer.
Double click on the "Quartet software installer"
Follow the on screen instructions
It is necessary to re-start your Mac after the software installation.

The Software installer only updates the version of Maestro on the Mac.
To connect to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch you will need download the Maestro App from the Apple App store.
You will also need a 30 pin to USB cable.

At the time this video was made only the 30 pin cables were available. If you have a newer iPhone or iPad with a lighting connecter, you will need a 30 pin to lighting adapter that is only currently available from Apple.
We will have Lighting cables to connect Quartet without an adapter as soon as they are available to us.
Check the Apogee web store for current up to date availability of these cables.

After connecting Quartet to your iPad
Go to Settings, General, About, Quartet and you will see this screen
If Quartet does not show up under about... it means your firmware is not up to date and you must run the firmware installer again.

Now click on "Find App for Accessory"... this will take you to the App store where you can download Maestro

You can also go directly to the App store, do a search for Apogee Maestro and download it there as well.

Your Quartet is now up to date and you now have the option to record with Quartet on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac.

If you still have questions, please contact our support staff: support@apogeedigital.com
or by phone 310-584-9394

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