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Ebike Tuning: speeding up your ebike easily.(does not work on all Ebikes)

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A very cheap way i found to make my ebike a lot faster.(it also works on some other brands i heard form others) just 1 lashing -or ducktape- and 1 magnet is needed. it tricks the speedsensor so it doesn't shut off at 25km/h. *IMPORTANT UPDATE!*- if this system doesnt work on your bike , you probably have a newer version of Ebike. I made a new video wich works on newer Ebikes,BUT takes more effort , here is the idea -- - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTS-BVY3Vs .

btw; if you live in Europe, speeding up your ebike is just as illegal as tuning your moped or carengine. But you already know this offcourse ;-).

You don't have to point me on the dangers of this thing. If i would drive this bike on public roads, i know it can get me n trouble. private courses for mountainbikes are a different story. In my kingdom i can drive on my own propertys and land as fast as i want, as long as i don't bother anyone with extreme noise or danger on the parcel next to it.
same for closed roads on special occasions. rally is not legal untill there is a closed course for it.
Now prove me wrong...

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