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Mi Band 3 | Avengers Theme With New Features | Custom Firmware

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New Avengers theme is out

If you don't know how to flash it here is the card to it or else check the description

How to flash custom firmware

A Special thanks to the developer who developed this theme

a฿₴tⱤ₳c₮ łrłs 007

Avengers Theme


Sorry guys for the long hold if you want to know behind the scenes then follow me on my Instagram handle @rohitrajhaz

Now lets review this avengers theme

So with that being said let's get started

First thing that you will observe after flashing this theme on MI band 3 is

The unlock animation has been changed with a new animation of endgame avengers

As we move further there is the steps icon that has been changed and its inspired from avengers

The distance map icon has also been changed

A new weapon or protection equipment is coming at the place of calories burnt icon

The icon of battery has also been changed and is being replaced by a new battery indicator

If we go to the heart rate section then the icon has been changed with a new icon of avengers and if we hold touch capacitive button for a while you guys can observe over here the loading animation has been changed

As the treadmill and exercise mode are still same

The timer and stopwatch icons are changed

The more icon is replaced by the avengers logo

Silent icon is also changed
Find device icon is also changed

The screen icon is replaced by avengers logo

The factory reset icon has also changed

If you go to about the icon is being replaced by the Thanos hand

If we go to select screens or generally the watch faces

Here are three different types of watch faces are present

If you select about than here the calendar is present upto 3 years

At last if we go to notification
The icon of notification is changed or replaced by the iron man icon

If we talk about the working and the battery backup of this theme then it's quite good and working great on this MI band 3

So guys that's the pretty much that I have for you if you guys like this video then give this a huge thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more awesome videos like this catch you guys later on the next coming video
if you have further more queries then definitely let me know in the comments section below till that is out and bye-bye.

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