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Mi Band 4 Avengers Theme

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Mi band 4 Avengers theme

Recently uploaded one video on how to flash custom firmware custom resources on MI band 4

On that video I used iOS theme thats the Apple watch face theme



So in this video I will show you guys Avengers theme on MI band 4

I you guys don't know how to flash custom firmware or custom resources on MI band 4 you can check out the card pop over here into the video and you can seen how to flash custom firmware custom resources on mi band 4 along with how to pair MI band 4 with gadgetbridge application

Either you can use notify and fitness application also

So with that being said let's get straight into the video

The link to this firmware will be in the description you guys can download it from there

The watch face has been changed and it is replaced with the Avengers limited edition watch face with Avengers and marvel logo

The notification icons has been changed

The weather icon is replaced with the Batman icon

Opening weather we get new icons

The workout icon has been changed
Opening workout all the modes icon has been changed inside it

The more Icon has been replaced with Avengers icon

Opening the more Icon we get new icons present inside it

Moving further on the status icon has been changed

The heartrate icon has been changed with the new animation

For further queries let me know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for watching.
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