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Mi Band 4 Custom Firmware | Apple Watch IOS Theme | Apple Watchface | New Icons | How To Flash

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Apple Watch IOS theme for mi band 4 with new icons and much more

So today in this video will see how to flash themes or resources in mi band 4

Mi band 4 Customized Mi Fit Apllication


Apple Watch IOS Theme Resources


Apple Watch Face Bin File


So with that being said let get straight into the video

Icons changes

This video will be a little bit long so be paitence

Now we have to do some preparation before flashing the firmware

Go to the first link that are given in the description for downloading customised MI fit application

Now after opening the link scroll down a little bit and click on

Here at this website click on MI band 4 auth key

Now download the mi fit mod application from the above links

After downloading the application make sure to uninstall the previously installed original MI fit application

now after installing the mod MI fit application open the application and sign in with the account that you have used in the previous application

After successfully signing in and getting paired the device with application

Now I install the mod MI fit application from your device

After installing the mod MI fit application open any of the file explorer that you have in your device

Now go to your internal storage inside internal storage you will get one new folder named as free my band

Inside this folder you will get one text file

Now open this text file and copy the line that I am copying over here in your case the line may be different but it must be starting just after the Mac ID

After you successfully copy the text line

Now open Play Store and download one application named as gadgetbridge

After installing gadgetbridge application open it up

Click on the plus button

Now it will start searching your device

As you as soon as you will get MI band 4 over here

Do a long press on MI smart band 4

Here at bottom of the screen you will get an option for Authorization key

Click on the option of authorisation key

Now paste the text line that you have copied previously

Make sure to put the prefix as 0x in front of the line

Now click on ok button

And that's it you have successfully paired your MI band 4 with gadgetbridge application

Now touch the back button and it will start pairing process

After successfully pairing your MI band 4 with gadgetbridge application

Now for installing the iOS or Apple watch firmware in MI band 4

We have to download two files

Now downloading the files can be a little bit tricky so be concentrate over here

Nefore downloading the exact firmware file for MI band 4

Make sure your MI band firmware version

For knowing the mi band firmware version open gadgetbridge application and touch on the three dots above your MI smart band 4

Here you can see the firmware version of Mi band

In my case it's

So now we have to download the file which is made for this firmware only

Now open the Apple watch links on the description

Then after opening the website you can see here the requirement versions are mentioned over here you can click on the each requirement version and match the firmware version with it

In my case my firmware version is
So i am downloading the required resources of V62

After downloading this file successfully according to your firmware version

Now download the watch face files from the link in the description below

After downloading the watch face file successfully

You have done 80% part

Now we have to open the downloaded files one by one

So now navigate to the files that I have downloaded on your phone

First flash the Apple watch iOS resources files

For flashing simply open the file and select the gadgetbridge as handling application

Now click on install button

It will take some time don't get worry about it

After its shows you successfully flashed your band will still so you it's updating

Don't get worry about it everything will be fine

When the updating process is done and your successfully the resources file

Now we have to flash the bin file that you have downloaded for watch face

For flashing the watch face also the process is same simply open it up and flash it via gadgetbridge

Now you are successfully have iOS or Apple watch theme on MI band 4 and now you are you having the new theme

Precautions prevention i will help always Instagram follow

For further queries let me know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for watching.
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